Some of This and Some of That

Hank had a meeting in Big D recently; I tagged along, couldn't pass up the chance to do some shopping in the city known for its shopping.

This go 'round I window shopped. That's how I roll, check out where all the good stuff is then go back later and buy the everything I liked. Keeps me from having buyer's remorse.

I discovered a few things. 

One, Neiman Marcus now accepts Visa and MasterCard. They had an entire window display saying such. Sure wish this had been the policy last summer, would have saved me an awkward moment.

Two, this store gives me a headache, literally. 

The smells that waft out of it will knock your socks off, and not in a good way. Every time I walk past it my head starts to hurt. I avoid it like the plague. I was on the opposite side of the walk and I could still smell its odors. Bleh.

Three, it appears that chandeliers are the thing in store displays at the moment. Several stores had something hanging from their ceiling. Very chic, I'd say

The last picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of the chandalier. I tried to get close enough to get a good shot, even asked for permission to do so but the clerk said 'we don't allow pictures to be taken in our store'. Hmm, okay. So I stood outside the entrance and took it. It really was a lovely chandelier.

Four, there were a couple of things that were calling my name, I must answer their call.

Thing one, this clutch. Don't know the price, don't care. It was calling oh so sweetly, 'you want me, you need me, you've got to have me'. Yes. Yes, I will come back for you!

Thing two, this necklace. Don't know the price, don't care. It was clamoring for my attention like a two year old at the grocery checkout, 'buy me! buy me now!'. Yes. Yes, I will come back for you too.

Five, H&M had a funky, weird, disturbing window display. I'm not sure how I feel about the IKEA of clothing. Lots to see, lots of people to contend with, lots of cheap prices, but weird window display.

Not so weird at first glance, other than the blue faces with big red lips. Look closely at the bottom of the display and you'll see broken teacups. Look at the lower left corner of the display and you'll see this

No mannequin body, just the decapitation of one. Weird. Very, very weird. And disturbing. Oh, those wacky Swedes.

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