She's Got Skills

Pew Buddy's mom got an iPhone last week. She and I have been talking/commiserating about the pros and the difficulty us older folks have learning the nuances of it.

Pew Buddy on the other hand, all four years of her, has mastered the art of the app.

Before church started she asked her mom for the phone so she could show me what she could do. 

Brahnica, do you want me to show you how to color on the phone?
Sure, do you need help?
No, I can do it myself. See, here the colors. You touch this then this and see it's red. Now, you want to use the wellow? Touch the wellow and you can color her hair.

Pew Buddy's mom told me that she figured out how to get to the app store. 

Oh. Dear. It's a good thing you have to enter your password before the app will load.

I feel so woefully inadequate.


  1. So cute! I'm sure Westen will be right there with her.

  2. May I suggest that you disable in-app purchases on your phone/iPad when little ones are using it. My fellas purchased $60 of smurfberries once before I discovered my folly. :) FYI: there is a BOM app where there are coloring pages, puzzles, and matching games from the scriptures that can rescue any child from pew rowdiness.