New Kid In Town

Changes are a comin' to my little Corner of East Texas. 

We have a new restaurant coming, Whataburger is well under way, there's a new laundromat, a new apartment complex (eight units, I think) is near completion, a lawyer is transforming an old building into his offices and we have a new salon.

This might not be big news in your neck of the woods but in my speck-on-the-map of a town it's big, really big. I don't have a stake in any of the above, well except for the salon. 

No, the salon is not mine but my therapist, aka pedicurist, is now located here. Her lovely daughter became a small business owner and opened her own salon. Oh, did she ever hit a home run. 

The name of her salon is Bombshell, as in the term used to describe beautiful women. The design was a collaboration between her and her dad, a very talented builder...he remodeled our house. The decor was all Leslie. Oh, how I love her taste.

I have pictures.

There are various areas that have vintage tin ceiling tiles that Leslie found on the Internet, she's a whiz at scouring the Internet for deals on anything.

I love that the polish is wall art. The colors are so vibrant.

This last shot is my 'therapy room'...sooo peaceful and comfortable.

Next up, photos of the lovely ladies that are bombshells in their own way...if I can get them to slow down long enough to get the shots!

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