In Search of Perfect Hair

What is it about us women and our hair? Most of us are never completely satisfied with what our hair does or doesn't do. If we have curly hair we want it straight. If our hair is straight we want it curly. 

Me, I have naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair. I've learned to embrace it, not that I love it. I suppose tolerate would be the correct word. I've learned that if I put enough product, as stylists refer to the stuff-you-put-in-your-hair-to-get-it-to-do-what-you-want, in my hair then follow up with a straightening flat iron it will stay straight until the first hint of humidity comes along. Which in this part of Texas would be the moment I step out the door. There was a 'smoothing gel' that I'd used for the past three or four years that worked wonderfully. Used being the operative word here because when I went to buy some more of this wonderfully working product I discovered that Biolage no longer makes it. 

Great. Just great. 

Now I have to try a whole bunch of different stuff in an effort to make may hair do what it's not meant to do. Ugh. I guess I could just let it go. Let it do it's own wild and wooly thing, which on occasion I do, especially in the summer when the humidity is ├╝ber crazy around here. That gets old though, same hair day in and day out.

I want perfect hair. Kinda like Rapunzel in Tangled. So very versatile her hair was. Pew Buddy has a Rapunzel doll that does what I'm looking for.

Long and perfectly smooth.

Hair that shines and lights up on demand.

Hair that stays in place no matter what.

And when I get tire of it, I can take it off and still look adorable.

Is this too much to ask? 

I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Bald Rapunzel cracks me up every time I see her! - Amy

    1. ME TOO!!! When I first saw her I had to literally cover my mouth to stifle a loud the middle of church no less!

  2. The Blonde brand I use did the same thing to me a few years ago and I have yet to find a new one that I completely love! I guess you are right, all women truly do have the same quest!

  3. I am SHOCKED that you were taking pics in the chapel during church. SACRILEGE!!!!!


    1. HAHAHAHA. I tease her about the same thing all the time.


    You can still buy it there, or Amazon has it, too. Amazon is more expensive, though...