A little jaunt to the lake got me to thinking.

Thinking of the footprints we leave behind. No, not the carbon kind. Actual, real, what-your-feet-leave-in-the-mud or wet-feet-leave-on-pavement footprints. Then I got to thinking about the prints and tracks left behind by other animals and things. Then that got me to looking around for evidences left by said animals and things. Such a domino effect, no?

So I got out the handy dandy iPhone and started looking...and snapping.

A much traveled path used by the ranch hand.

Tracks left by some four legged creature other than Dog. Coyote, more than likely.

Calf tracks, common on the ranch.

Tractor tracks, also common on the ranch.

Even water leaves its footprint. Interestingly, there were other tracks in the water's footprint. You'll have to look closely.

On the right, I'm thinking raccoon or bird. On the left, I have no clue.

And the piece du resistance, or however you spell it, again, you'll have to look closely.

Wild hog tracks. 

Next to the road I use to walk Dog every day. 

Twice a day. 

Early morning and early evening. The times of day when hogs are known to come out of their hiding places to wreak havoc in the pastures. 

Great. Just great.

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