I'm angry.

Angry at stupid people.

Angry at individuals that have no self respect.

Angry at idiots that make stupid decisions that affect and effect others.

GRRRRRRR!!! GRRRRRR!!! Yes all caps.

Daughter called me Saturday morning to ask if I'd checked Facebook recently. I hadn't. She then proceeded to tell me that Baby Sis had posted that her home had been broken into.

As soon as I got off the phone with Daughter, I called Baby Sis. She was her usual calm, cool, collected self...I would have been a ranting, raging, resentful lunatic. Baby Sis was calm, cool, and collected until she began telling me what the idiots had taken.

These idiots, or idiot, took items that were dear and precious to Baby Sis and Her Hubby. Items like her engagement ring that she'd recently had reset in platinum, her engagement ring that was set with a ruby that had once belonged to my mom. A bracelet Her Hubby had given her. A necklace. A coin that had sentimental value to Her Hubby and other trinkets that would be of no value to anyone else. My heart broke for her.

Oh, and to rub salt in the wound, her next door neighbor also had his home broken into, as did another individual one block south of of Baby Sis's home. Perplexing as this is, what is most disturbing is that all this happened between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 7:58 p.m. Scary thought, there is the possibility that the idiot was still in the house when she walked in the house. Very precise on the 7:58, no? Baby Sis happened to check her phone right after she pulled in to the garage to read a text message so she noted the time.

Why? Why? Why are there people who are so evil? Argh!!!

I've been pondering on this incident for over twenty four hours now and I've come to the conclusion that thieves are vile. Vile because they rob you of two things. The first being the objects they take. Second, the peace and safety your once felt in your home is gone. They take your refuge, your sanctuary and turn it into a place you'll feel nervous to enter for a while. How vile is that?

After I talked with Baby Sis, I wanted to hop a plane to PDX and give every last resident, except for my mom and dad, a good tongue lashing and then turn that city upside down until I found the culprit. Woe unto the idiot who did this should I ever find out who you are!

Thieves are evil, vile, idiots. Grrrr. Yes, I've calmed down, sort of.


  1. Thank you Sis for being my champion. I've been a bit too sad to get really angry about it all just yet (although Hubby was ready to rip the thieves apart).

    1. Woe unto the perpetrators should we be around when they are Daughter said to you on FB, they picked on the wrong house.