Almost Cool

Have you heard of Pinterest? 



Just in case you haven't, lemme give you a brief explanation. In a nutshell it's like a virtual bulletin board. You see something you like on the Internet and you 'pin' it to your Pintrest boards. Others, those that 'follow' you, can see what you've pinned and if they like it they can 'repin' it to their board. Here are a couple of my boards. 

Much like Facebook, people will ask you if they can follow you, rather than asking to be your friend. When someone wants to follow you, you'll get an e-mail with that request. I got such an e-mail last week. I was rather shocked to get an e-mail from this person. 

Why? Lemme 'splain.

In the blogosphere there are those who's blog is big, really BIG. Big as in they have a kajillion people from all over the world that read their blog daily, like clock work. Pioneer Woman would be one of these. Her blog is so B.I.G. that it's led her to write two cook books, a children's book, an autobiography and she now has her own cooking show on Food Network. Yeah, that's big. But the e-mail wasn't from her. 

The e-mail came from someone who's blog is big but not that big, at least I don't think it's that big, I may be wrong. Have you ever read Cjane? If you have, you know that she has a large following. So imagine my shock when my in-box had a request from none other than Miss Cjane wanting to follow me on Pintrest. 

My mind started racing, jumping up and down even. 

If Cjane was asking to follow me, that meant that she'd been reading my blog which she found to be intriguing, delightful. So intriguing and delightful that she clicked on the Pintrest button and found my boards oh so fascinating that she wanted to follow little ol' me! Yippee!! HA, HA, I was on my way to blogging stardom because if Cjane was reading me that meant she was going to give me a plug on her blog and then, well, then I'd soon be writing my autobiography, I'd be traveling, I'd have my own cooking show on Food Network. Oh, wait, I don't cook very well. Ok, I'd soon be having my own television show on The Hunting Channel, huntin' them Wild Hogs! Oh, wait, I don't hunt. Um, I'd soon have my own gardening show on DIY.

Oh. Yeah! 

Cha-ching, cha-ching! Retirement was just a resignation letter away!

Then, like a bucket of ice water thrown in my face, I realized how it all went down. 

Cjane doesn't allow comments on her blog. If you want to read comments or leave comments you have to friend her on FB. I'd 'friended' her on FB. And, like most social media, she had Pintrest find followers for her using her FB account. 

For a moment, I felt like the fat, ugly girl who's been invited to sit at the cheerleaders' lunch table, only to have them laugh in your face when you join them. Oh, well, being famous is overrated, right?


  1. Now I know I'm not famous like cjane or the Pioneer Woman, but I think you are one of the coolest people I know. I think my kids would agree with me.
    P.S. I'm addicted to Pinterest. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit this, but today Claire took a 3 hour nap and I browsed Pinterest for 2.5 of those hours. I felt so lazy, so to make up for it I actually cooked dinner for my family :)

    1. Amy, you are too kind. I love your family as if you were part of my family. I completely agree, Pinterest is soooo addictive. I have to limit myself or I'd be on it all day on Saturday. :)