Random Observations From DFW

Random Observation #1

Airports are interesting places. Best place ever for people watching. Odd place to do shopping. Lemme 'splain.

As I sat waiting for my connecting flight to my Little Corner of Texas, I overheard a woman speaking, rather loudly, to an elderly couple. They didn't know her, I surmised this from the type of information she was sharing with them, some rather personal I might add. They were very polite and indulged her ramblings. A few minutes later a young woman, early twenties perhaps, walked into the gate area for my departing flight. She was very distraught and animated in the conversation she was having on her phone. Turns out that she's missed her earlier flight and had been placed on another flight that she wasn't sure was going to where she needed to be. Judging from the answers she was giving, she must have been on the phone with a parent and unfortunately they weren't much help since they couldn't see what she was trying to describe to them. The ticket she'd been issued didn't look like her original ticket. She couldn't find where the destination was listed, nor could she figure out if she was at the right gate. In short, she was frantic. This went on for five or six minutes. I couldn't take it any longer, so I stepped over and asked if I could help, she said yes. I looked at the ticket, explained to her where the destination was listed and assured her she was at the right gate. She then relayed the info to whomever she'd been talking to and then breathed a sigh of relief. Tragedy averted. 

Random Observation #2

I experienced something I've never experienced in the twenty plus years that I've been flying out of DFW. 

I was the lone rider in one of the Skylink cars. 

My solitude lasted until the next stop, about twenty seconds away. Then this dad and his little boy got on.

The little boy was having a great time being at the front of the car. I visualized Rocket Man in a few years doing the same thing.

Random Observation #3

I learned something as I watched them, of the two little round buttons that are on the left side of an iPhone, the top one can be used to take a picture when you're using the camera. I noticed this as he snapped a picture of his son using his iPhone, I'm so challenged when it comes to my portable electronic device.

Random Observation #4

I've often wondered about some of the things that are for sale at airports. 

Some of them make sense, like neck pillows and blankets

or something to munch on, since airlines no longer provide free food or blankets, unless you travel First Class.

Others are just down right confusing.

Would you buy an iPod from a Best Buy vending machine?

Suitcases. Why would anyone sell suitcases at an airport?? You've already checked your luggage, or put it through security screening, by the time you're in the secure area of the airport and since you're now limited to only two carry on items, one of which is a laptop or a purse, you couldn't take the new suitcase as your carry on and if you didn't want it as a carry on, you'd have to leave the secure area and check it but then you'd have to pay for it and why would you check and empty suitcase?! Excuse the run on sentence.

Then there are the Duty Free shops.

Who shops there anyway? By the time I get to where I'm going, I'm ready to leave the airport and get on with my adventure. But then again, if you have a long layover they are a place to kill some time. But then again, all I've ever seen that they sell is perfume and booze. Why would you buy those things at an airport?

Random Observation #5

DFW has some weird things for sale. Expensive to boot. This little number was over three hundred dollars. Can't say I'd be the proud owner of this purse.

I think what made this purse appear even more odd was that the mannequin's head was that of a cow. Yep, a cow. With horns. The male mannequin also had a bull's head. With a nose ring. I assume it was a bull because it was on a mannequin wearing men's clothes. Odd, very odd, indeed.

Long layovers provide such great entertainment. I'm ready for the next one.

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