Movie Critic Part Deux...Still Hangin' on to My Day Job

As mentioned, Hank and I had a date to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. 

What's a movie without overpriced concessions? I know, I could easily sneak in my own movie sized treats but I'd be the one that got caught being the rebel. 

You'll note there is no popcorn, didn't want a repeat performance.

The movie was very good. Suspenseful, lots of intrigue...had keep my attention fully focused otherwise I'd've been lost. Hank liked it better than the first Sherlock Holmes. I liked how there were cameos from some of the characters in the first one, that gave continuity to the story. 

Robert Downey Jr. does a mean British accent, though I'm sure a Brit would know it wasn't authentic. I told Hank that watching a movie that has all British accents is like going to a Shakespeare play, it takes me a bit to get the cadence of the accent down and until I do I have no clue what they are saying. Anyone else out there have this problem? No? Just me? Arguhhh!

My only bone to pick with the movie, and it's a small bone, is the scene that has them all riding on horseback. Sherlock, as it turns out, is afraid of horses, can't say I blame him. To solve the dilemma a Shetland pony is found for him to ride but this is not the bone I'm picking. My bone has to do with the music they used. The background music in this particular scene is the same music used in Two Mules For Sister Sarah, a Clint Eastwood movie. The sight of Sherlock on a pony with that music playing brought to mind Shirley McClain on her donkey. Perhaps that's what the director wanted the audience to visualize. In my mind, that was not quite right. Trivial, I agree.

Like War Horse, I would not recommend this movie to anyone under thirteen because of the graphic content in the action scenes. As Hank said, it's worth the money you spend to see it.

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