Morning Commute

Driving to work in my Little Corner of Texas is so stress free. Not like the commute I had when we lived in Big D. An hour and a half to travel fifteen miles, no thank you. The most I could expect to see on that commute in Big D were cars, cars, and more cars. 

Not so out here. Out here I have creative ranch welcome gates.

Miles and miles of open road, with a school bus here and there.

Grain silos.

Open ranges. Clear, blue skies.

And occasionally, someone's storage building on the side of the road.

Yep, this was right there off to the side of the road complete with the owner's name written with magic marker its side. The owner must have retrieved it early in the day, it was gone by the time I headed home. 

Don't think this would have been on 635 in Big D, or if it had it would have caused quite the back up. 


  1. Only in Kelsey. I know the grain silos. Pretty pics. I miss the country, but luckily our house is close to some woods in the back and on the side.

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  3. Hey V! Each day, multiple times a day, when I fly by those silos I keep thinking that they would make a great photographic study. Don't you love that from early morning to nearly dusk, they turn from a matte steely-blue to emitting a glowing amber sheen? A photo series would certainly pay homage to one of the remaining Kelsey landmarks (hint, hint)!

    1. Yes, an homage is in order! Any idea who owns them? I'd like to have permission before I go traipsing around w/o getting shot :)