Meeting the Rest of La Familia

This past weekend I met up with Daughter and Rocket Man in SLC on our way to PDX. My side of the familia was anxious to meet the cutest baby in the world. Hyperbole? I think not. Yes, I am baised but as his grandmother it's my right.

While Daughter, Rocket Man, and I visited La Familia in Portland, Rocket Man got sick. Very sick. Nothing could soothe his tired, sick, little body other than lots of cuddling and lots and lots of pacing. Fortunately, there were ample arms to bring him comfort. We had knock-down, drag-out fights to see who would get to hold the sick little boy. Well, okay, maybe not.

Great-grandpa swiveled and got Rocket to sleep.

As did Baby Sis.

Older Sis and Great-grandma also cuddled and played, when he was up to it. 

Daughter and I took the night shift and soothed our sick little man. 

Walking the floors brought memories, as did sleeping with him on my chest so he could breathe.  

Searching for a clinic
Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, two to be exact, Daughter and I surfed the Net in search of a clinic that would be open on Sunday. We struck gold when we found ZoomCare we scheduled the appointment online, were seen as soon as we got there, and the staff couldn't have been nicer. One relieved grandma and mama. Wish we had such clinics in my Little Corner of East Texas.

No matter that he felt bad, he still had a ready smile for the P.A.
 There are so many 'firsts' when you're a new mom; glad I was there for this first, a sick baby for a new mom. It can be kinda scary the first time your first born gets sick.

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  1. This post gets me a little teary-eyed thinking of my first's first sickness when we were far from home. I'm glad daughter was surrounded by loving support.