I've often wondered how 'inventors' arrived at their ideas. Ideas that make them millionaires. 

I'd like to come up with such an idea but lack the gene/genius, or whatever it takes to come up with ingenious inventions. 

Lemme 'splain.

Pillow Pets. 

The woman who invented these saw her kids punching on their favorite pillow and voila, she had the idea for Pillow Pets.  My question is, how did she know there'd be a market for them? Risk taker she was. I'm too cautious I suppose.

I wonder, did the Pillow Pet inventor realize that these would be a hit with more than just children? I can't tell you the number of high school kids that own one. I first caught a glimpse of this phenomenon last year during the week of standardized testing. The halls looked as if an eighteen wheeler filled with Pillow Pets had exploded. The kiddos brought them for, well, honestly, I don't know why they brought them, they just did. 

Today I had three Pillow Pets in my last period class. Not the full sized ones, though, these were mini-Pillow Pets. I took a couple of snapshots of them at the end of class to share with you.

Lest you think the owners of these tend to be female, the turtle and dinosaur belong to one of my male students. He informed me that he has fourteen of these. Fourteen. Fourteen Pillow Pets. Evidently, they're like Lay's potato chips, you can't stop after just one.

I asked the kids what the appeal was and, almost in unison, they said 'they're so cute and soft'. I guess cute and soft sells big time with all age groups.

I'm going to add to the inventor's coffers before too long. I have my eye on one. 

This one

For Rocket Man, for when he's a bit older...honest. 


  1. We own 5. FIVE. For our 2 children. Three full size and two pee-wees. The pee-wees are perfect for airplanes. The kids love them, especially the Minnie Mouse one! It's a hit with everyone who comes to our house. Even the grandparents.

  2. We got Noah one for Christmas.. and he likes it well enough... :)

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