Bargain Huntin'

I don't know of anyone that doesn't love a bargain. You know the feeling, the rush of paying way less than the original price. We're on the hunt for that certain something, we find it and then, oh the joy when we see that it's on SALE! Even if the certain something was scheduled to be reduced, we still feel we've scored big time if it's been marked down more than fifty percent off. Such is the case for me every year at the end of Christmas.

I love shopping for Christmas decor long after the last Christmas light hast twinkled its last twink. This year was no exception.

A new addition to the forest, a tree cookie jar.

And because I love pillows and they annoy others, this lovely little item. A bit of a button theme, no?

The cost, you ask. Welllll, the tree was originally $49.99, the pillow $29.99. I paid $10.00 for the tree and $6.00 for the pillow. 

I believe...I scored a touchdown this year. Yay!

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