Back in the Saddle

After a six month hiatus, I hit the gym yesterday. Ugh. Daughter asked me why I quit going in the first place. Ummm, I lost my workout mojo, I have no other reason excuse. One day off led to another and before you know it, six months worth of days had passed.

I've read that once you've established a pattern of working out and then fall off the workout horse getting back in the rhythm doesn't take too long, something about muscle memory. I'd like to believe it, I hope it's true, it better be true 'cause I'm not a patient person when it comes to getting in shape/losing weight. I'd like to go to bed looking like a Clydesdale and wake up a Thoroughbred.

I began my regimen with a thirty minute walk/jog on the treadmill, my favorite nemesis. I realized something as I plodded along, I needed new gear. New shoes always make exercising better, heck, new shoes make anything better. 

Off to the 'big town' to buy a pair of Asics.  This is what I came back with, nothing special but they do have cool looking sock liners.

You wanna know something, I've come to a conclusion. I will never be a Thoroughbred when it comes to my body, I will be a Clydesdale no matter what I do. And I'm okay with that. Clydesdales are work horses not pretty boy/girl horses that spend their time being catered to and running a couple of miles at breakneck speed. Clydesdales work hard, provide service to their owners and make great Christmas commercials pulling cool looking sleds through pristine fields of freshly fallen snow. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, my body is a bit sore after two days of being back in the saddle and I need to go soak in some Epsom salt. 


  1. your body really does have muscle memory. I promise

  2. Funny you got new shoes. I got new Mizunos today ~

  3. Good for you! I'm trying to figure out a workout schedule with kids and school and a husband who is always traveling for work. Things like this make me wish I lived in the big city so I could join a gym with a daycare :)

  4. way to go! happy new year!
    and love your clydesdale obervations. agreed, and i am one, too!