Why It's Good To Have An Empty Nest

There are perks to being an empty nester.

Don't have to worry about having dinner ready, a bowl of cereal will suffice.

If you want to stay out till all hours, you can. But seriously, who has the energy?

Kid not home by curfew....ha, who cares!! They're old enough and out of the house to take care of themselves.

And, if you want to open your Christmas presents before the twenty-fifth, you can.

Hank and I exchanged gifts on Monday, because we could. Well, actually, we're spending Christmas with Rocket Man and Larry. Yeah, you probably had that one figured out, didn't you?

So, do you wanna see what Hank gave me? You do? Okay!

Item numero uno, a set of Santa mugs from Pottery Barn.

I saw these in the catalog and just had. to. have. them. When I was a wee child, freshly immigrated from Mexico, we had a set very similar to these, so many memories came flooding back when I saw them. Next year, there will be a cup or two of hot chocolate served in these bring-back-childhood-memories mugs. Loved the gift.

Item numero dos, this lens. The lens that will change my life as I know it. The lens that will revolutionize my picture taking. The lens that will take me to new heights in the fact that Miss Ashley is going to give me a private lesson whilst I'm in Utah with Rocket Man and Larry. Can't wait for the lesson.

There was one more gift that I'm just dying to show you but I'll post on that one later. It's good. I was amazed. It has changed the way I cook, oh, has it ever. Heck, I may just have to give up cereal for dinner, it's that impressive.

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  1. I got a similar lens that I bought for myself for Christmas, except it's a 1.8, it was a bit cheaper. I have no idea what I'm doing tho! Wish I was getting a lesson! The thing I wasn't expecting was no zoom, so you have to be way back to get everything in the picture.