Wanna Roast Some Hot Dogs

I can explain.

Yes, this is one ginormous campfire.

No, we are not crazy.

Living on a thirty acre ranch that adjoins a one hundred fifty acre ranch, where trees are plentiful, requires lots a maintenance. Some of that maintenance requires that we burn the dead trees that have fallen. This year we've gotten a bit behind, we did have the drought of the century which required that a burn ban be in place. Now that there've been a few good soaking rains, it was time to get to work.

Hank hired a couple of young guns to help him out, we're both glad he did.

During this burn fest, Hank made a discovery, no not another truck in the lake, something less sensational but more significant...yet still mysterious.

You've heard the term 'Coke bottle glasses', check out how thick the bottom of the bottle is.

Here's the significance of the this bottle. Hank's office is located in the old bottling plant. It's not been a bottling plant for eons. 

But here's the mystery, we don't know how this bottle got to the ranch. Or where it's been for eons. Or why it's in such good condition after eons in the ground. 

Makes me wonder, what else is on this ranch that I have nary a clue. Hmmmm.

Strange happenings out here. More than I care to think about.

I think I'll just sit by the cozy fire and watch it burn.


  1. Awesome find on the bottle!! That is so neat. I would love to find one bottled here in Gilmer. I can't believe it's still in perfect shape :)

  2. Nooooo! You're giving your tree-hugger Baby Sis a heart attack with the outdoor burning. Can't you pile it up on the side of the road with a sign that says free wood? Maybe a crafty someone will take it and make something. (But I do love the bottle!)