This Is How We Party

Last week Hank and I got together at Crafty Friend's house for a little soirée. 

As always, CF had the house looking very festive.

My favorite of all her lovely decor is this, I covet it...bad.

Probably not the best thing to covet.

Of course there were also lovely people, of varying ages. 

And there was a game. A game that causes one to move, think, and brings lots of laughs.

Here's how you play. You need a circle of chairs, with one less than there are number of participants. The person who is 'It' stands inside the circle and says 'I have never...' completing the statement with something they have never done. The people sitting in the chairs then get up and move to another chair, but not to the one directly to their left or right, if they have done the thing the person who is 'It' has never done. And since there is one less chair than players, the one left standing becomes 'It'. 

That's it. Simple, yet fun. Tons of fun.

Sometimes only a few move.

But they can still end up in someone's lap. Poor Hank.

And other's every man/woman for themselves. Pandemonium ensues.

To conclude, a good time was had by all.


  1.'s so nice to see all those warm, friendly, familiar faces in this post. I especially love the picture of my dad running to grab a seat. Too cute...glad you guys had such a nice time, Veronica. :-)

  2. Ha Ha! So fun. I want to go play now. And your Crafty Friend is phenomenal with the decor.

  3. Jen, your mom is sooo competitive! It was rather hilarious that she got up a moved when the person who was 'it' said 'i have never worn men's underwear' and your mom was the only woman to get up and move! we laughed rather boisterously on that one.

    JessicaP, yes, CF is phenomenal on all her decor. I only wish I could have showcased more of it.