Reflection #1

A visit to Utah is never complete until I set foot on the hallowed ground that is my alma mater. Yesterday was the appointed day. I went solo (Hank had returned to Texas, Daughter was at Pilates class, Son-in-law was home with Rocket man) which was fine with me, gave me time to be somewhat reflective of my time on this beautiful campus.

There are many things that are the same as when I graduated back in 1981, ancient times it seems, but oh, so many changes too. The changes are not so drastic that I don't recognize where I am on campus, just different enough to give everything a sense of newness. 

One of the places that changed but stayed the same is the student center. I, as did every student, spent a lot of time there. It was the place to eat, socialize (although the library was a close second on this front), and catch up on sleep in the lounging areas.

The eating area is now something akin to a food court and the lounging areas are now offices for student employment services.

There is one place, however, that is still the same. The Ballroom.

This place is hugh. As I stood at the edge to take this picture, memories of the many ballroom dance classes I took while a student came flooding back. I loved those classes. I wanted to be good enough to be a member of the Ballroom Dance Team, alas, it was not meant to be. You had to be outstanding in each of the dance steps to make the team, you still do. But, I was good enough to impress my dad each summer that I was home. He'd been a dance champ in Mexico during his youth. Each summer he'd ask me to show him what I'd learned by dancing with him in our living room. Those were special times.

I loved my time in college. The challenges were invigorating and frustrating at the same time. Each challenge, academic, emotional, social, and religious definitely molded me into the person I am today. I'm aware of how fortunate I am to have studied at such a great university, every sacrifice was well worth it.

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