An Outing With Friends

Recently, a couple of friends and I went to a Christmas event. It really gave me the itch to get out the Christmas decor. I constrained myself.  Thanksgiving hadn't paid it's fleeting visit yet.

After perusing and purchasing at this event, we made our way over to a store that sells Christmas year round. I'm not sure how I feel about buying Christmas decor in March, or June for that matter. Kinda odd. I was expecting to find oodles of goodies, which there were. Except there was one, teeny, tiny problem. Ninety percent of the goodies were infested with GLITTER!!! As you know, glitter and I are not BFF's. It was all, however, very pretty and festive to behold.

Of the ten percent that was not glitter-fied, this one stood out. I spoke to me in a language all its own. A language I didn't understand.

I wonder, who would be brave enough to include a wreath made of empty shot gun shells as part of their Christmas decor? And the second question that begs asking, how did they amass all of said empty shells?

My lovely shopping companions were so gracious to invite me to join them on their outing. 

I am literally old enough to be their mom. This age difference caused me to ponder on this question: when does the difference in age stop being a factor in determining our associations? I'm still thinking on this one. 

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