Memory Lane

Today during lunch I read a post  Daughter wrote that brought memories flooding back. I had one question running through my mind the entire time I was reading it, where has the time gone? Crazy. I would have also cried my eyes out had a student not been in the room working on a project. I do that, cry when I'm nostalgic. Also crazy, I know.

I blinked and my eleven year old is now a mama, as are the ones she wrote about in her post. I loved hearing those wonderful girls sing, oh how they could sing. Daughter and one of her buddies even made a cassette (remember those!) of songs their dads loved as a Father's Day gift. The dads loved that gift, Hank still gets misty eyed when he listens to it twelve years after the fact. I won't tell you what I do when I hear it, but, yes, Kleenex are always close at hand. 

While these girls were in high school the Dixie Chicks were the apple in Country music's eye. After one of girl's performances one of their moms said they could go on the road and call themselves the Pixie Sticks. I laughed but secretly thought 'exactly how does one go about getting a recording contract?' They were that good. 

I appreciate each and everyone of these girls, now women, who were such an important part of Daughter's life. As an only child I worried about her being lonely and needing someone to fill the void that siblings fill. These girls filled that void. There were rough spots but the bond this group had was iron clad, which, if you've ever dealt with a large group of girls is unusual. Girls tend to have a catty side that can ruin friendships, not this group of six. 

As with many childhood friendships, time and distance have changed the dynamics of the group, a casualty of life, unfortunately. Each has married and each has at least one child. I see them as moms now and am so grateful for the influence wonderful adults had in their lives, one of which was Sweet Friend. If you clicked over to Daughter's blog and read her post, Sweet Friend is the Elvis Fan.

I ask myself again, where has the time gone?

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