I'm A Changed Woman

I recently told you that this Christmas gift from Hank was going to revolutionize my skills as a picture taker.

I won't call myself a photographer any more, not until I have the skill level to consider myself one. I've set the bar for myself and until I feel I can shoot close to the level of this guy and this lovely lady, I'll call myself a picture taker.

I've begun my transformation. First, a private lesson with Ashley Thalman.

Oh, what fun I had. I didn't want the ninety minute session to end. I've had a very rudimentary knowledge of photography for a long time, Ashley took me to another level by explaining to me one-on-one a few more very basic keys to becoming a good photographer. She is an awesome teacher. Her explanation and then application of 'f-stop', aperture, and ISO was what my visual learning style needed.

Here are a couple of the application shots of the above. (Ashley is also an extraordinary model).

You know what I did as soon as I got back to Daughter's house, don't you? 

Rocket Man, where arrrreee youuuuu.

I've a ways to go to mastering the art of photography but I'm so, so, excited for the journey. To perfect the craft, I will need lots and lots of practice. I will need lots and lots of guinea pigs, subjects. Any volunteers?


  1. I will, I will, I will ~ I've got my own little "Rocket Man" you could try out your skills with :)

  2. You can always use my kids as guinea pigs!

  3. On your next adventure to UT. stop by and use us as your guinea pigs!!

    Shawna Ford