German Ingenuity...Gotta Love It

First the Germans gave the world the Volkswagen Beetle, Older Sis had one which was fun to ride in. If it wouldn't start all we needed to do was give it running push, pop the clutch and off we went. I also love this German product

screenshot from
Oh, and don't forget this product, this pitchman makes me laugh every time I see this.

So here's the new, next, now, product from Germany. I'm a believer. Hank gave this to me for Christmas, it has made me a changed woman. I even look forward to cooking...well,  let's not go that far.

I'm going to sound like a pitchman, er, woman, for a moment. Okay? Okay.

Does your stove look like this after you make rice?

Obviously, mine does. I hated cooking rice because it always, always, made a mess that took forever to clean up, or so it seemed. Then, an epiphany of sorts. I got a catalog from Sur la Table during the my-mailbox-can't-hold-another-catalog pre-Christmas blitz. I like this store so I perused this catalog with great interest. As I did I beheld this product. 

What is it, you ask. It is a Kuhn Rikon Spill Stop Lid. It keeps food from boiling over. It keeps the starchy mess that rice makes from reaching the stove.

Look Ma, no mess to clean up! Yippy!! Hooray!! Cooking has been revolutionized! 

The rice cooked up perfectly.

This Germany made product is dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures up to a kajillion degrees, well maybe I exaggerate. But, it can withstand a lot.

If you'd like to try one out here's the link to the Sur la Table web page. I was not paid by SLT to promote this, nor by those ingenious Germans. I just thought you'd like to know that I'm no longer afraid to cook rice. 


  1. Sold! I have to go get one today! There's a Sur La Table in the Pearl so off we go to face the crowds.

  2. aurorapdx, You're gonna love it!!

  3. Genius! I must acquire! If I had known about this two weeks ago, all of my foodie family/friends would have received one for Christmas! Thanks for sharing! -RP