Five of a Kind, Which in Poker is an Impossible Hand

For Christmas, the family was given the same gift. We took the opportunity to take a family photo.

Rocket Man was not excluded on the fun. Just had his pic taken before his nap. I think he looked the cutest. 

I have nothing further to say, though you might.


  1. HAHHHHH. I feel Hanks pain. How could y'all put the Stake President thru this undignified ordeal. Shameful....

    (Love it! Thanks for recording it for posterity)

  2. Oh he loved every minute of it!

  3. I agree with Owen that it was painful...couldn't wrench a promise that it would not be put out for public consumption. Even as we sat and laughed at the Awkward Family Photos website. I, still, was dumb enough to have it taken...

  4. Welcome to My World for the last 27 years. Being repeatedly wrenched out of my comfort zone. It's so..... not fun.