It's time for a giveaway, isn't it? 

I've been contemplating what to do for a while. I knew I wanted it to be tied to the holiday season that's upon us. I thought of giving away a copy of Michael Buble's new Christmas CD...a lovely one indeed...but it didn't feel quite right. I thought of giving away a VISA gift do with whatever the winner wishes...but that didn't feel right either. Then I read a blog, one that give me an idea. An idea that felt perfect.  Thank you JessicaP for the inspiration.

This giveaway is a Two-fer, two for the price of one comment. 

For your comment you'll win: a Michael Buble Christmas CD

and a $100.00 VISA gift card (that's not the Two-fer). 

Now for the Two-fer, the winner of the giveaway will then have the opportunity to choose a non-profit organization of their choice to receive $100.00. That's right, I will make a $100.00 donation to the non-profit organization of your choice, it is the season for giving, after all. 

To enter:

1. Leave a comment answering this question: What do you like most about the holiday season? Is it the food? The giving? The weather? The receiving? Spending time with family? Spending money? And, to which organization would you like the donation made? The Red Cross? The Salvation Army? LDS Humanitarian Fund? American Cancer Society?

2. If you post your comment on FaceBook, please give me permission to repost your comment to this post...everyone wants to read your witty comment!

3. You many enter once. 

4. This giveaway will close on Monday, November, 28 at 9:00 p.m. CST

5. Open to U.S. residents only. 

¡Buena Suerte!


  1. Spending good quality time with the family all together. That is what I love most of the holiday!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Best part of the Holidays is all the time off from work for my husband and all the shopping! I love being able to step outside of the budget and buy gifts for others.

    And I choose the American Diabetes Association as my non-profit. You are so generous!

  3. I have to pick one thing? That's hard. I love my family, and every time we get together it's over food, so that's sort of a two-fer.

    LDS Humanitarian is my charity of choice.

    What a great giveaway, I sure love the holidays!

  4. I dont get to see my side of my family but 2 times a year so This time of year is the time i get to see my parents and sibling! So i would have to say spending time with family for sure!
    Also I would have to say American Cancer Society!


  5. wow! i LOVE christmas. the music, the family! EVERYthing about it! the giving is super fun. it's such a treat to collect 'just the right' gifts. and wrapping them. gift wrapping is a favorite hobby, for sure!
    i would probably choose to gift to i am so moved by their ministry to help end human trafficking.

    thank you much! MERRY CHRISTMAS xo

  6. My favorite thing about the holiday season is first the weather...because the weather brings in all of my other favorites. Holiday traditions like hot drinks (preferably Starbucks drinks), decorations, good foods, and sitting at home with the fire place lit watching Elf or one of my other favorite holiday movies.

    I would want it donated to the invisible children organization.

  7. My new favorite thing about the holidays is seeing my girls experience it. I love hearing Ada get excited about Christmas lights. I love giving them presents and seeing the excitements of it. I love seeing them play with the stuffed nativity toys and learn the story of "Baby Jesus". It's like being a kid again.

    I would give $100 to the new Perpetual Temple fund through the LDS Church. I've been saying that they needed to start that since my in-laws went to India and told of the families there. I almost cried when they announced it because I was so excited for the people in these impoverished countries.

  8. My favorite thing about the holiday season is Christmas lights. I can't explain why they make me so happy and feel like a little kid again. :-) The nonprofit organization I would choose is a local one, called Reality Check. They are Christian-based and go into schools and speak to the kids about all-around good character and sexual integrity.

  9. A comment from Desperately Seeking Chocolate..(she forgot her password)

    "my favorite part about the holidays is the snow and being able to snuggle up next to the fire with some hot chocolate and a good book. adn if i got the 100 dollars i would donate it to PETA to help all those helpless animals..."

  10. Fav things: building fires in the fireplace, hot cocoa, Christmas baking, family, Christmas decorations, my kids' excitement!! Charity: something through the church. I hadn't heard of the one Cindy mentioned--I'd like to learn more about that one.

  11. I love everything about the holidays. I spent so much time making memories and traditions with my Grandparents that I work really hard to keep that up for my family and to pass them on to my young son. I tend to be very nostalgic and traditional All my decorations are retro and my ornaments are those passed down to me. One is a turkey that is was my great, great grandmothers. I always have Judy Garland christmas music because thats what my Grandma did and to hear that takes me right back to her house. This time of year most of all I think I am thankful for family and the moments and memories we are creating and last but certainly not least I am thankful for God and all he has blessed me with.

  12. I ran out of room to finish my post! Ahh! I would love to see the money go to the local Children's Hospital. They have helped so many of my friends children and even help my own with his eyes. Those amazing people do it for the love of the child and that after all is what Christmas is all about!

  13. I would have to say that i love getting together with the family for the holidays. Living so far from family, getting to see them and hang out is better than presents. I would say to make the donation to the american cancer society being a cancer survivor and all.

  14. You can't just pick one thing! But I guess spending time with family (while also eating good food) would have to be it. And included in family is now having a 2 year old that is starting to get what this is all about is so fun.

    My charity of choice would be Vaccines for the Philippines which Levi helped start and I have taken part in as well.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you! Seriously.
    One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the smell of cold, it smells like decay paused, like asking fall to hold on a second. I also love seeing everybody decorate for each other - its so doggone joyfully communal.
    And of course, I'd donate to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

  16. My favorite part of the holiday season is my family. I have not lived at home for over eight years.. but I still love being with my family. Whether it be my blood family or my military family. I love the quality time. Now that I am a mommy I love to see my little boy surrounded with the happiness and fun of the holiday season!! All the WOW's are worth everything! If I win I would donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

  17. My favorite thing about the holiday season is that feeling you carry around inside of you. A little excitement, anticipation, love, gratitude, nostalgia, and giddiness. I love it. I would donate it to the salvation army for the angel tree program.

  18. My favorite things about Christmas are the traditions we have as a family--acting out the Nativity, reading The Night Before Christmas, opening one present on Christmas Eve, singing carols...

    I'd also donate to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

  19. Since I was a little girl, one of my favorite things is to sit by myself by the Christmas tree at night, with all of the other lights turned off, only the tree lit. Just sit there on the floor, maybe with some Christmas music playing very softly in the background. To just sit and reflect, meditate, give thanks, in the glow of the beautiful tree. I always try to find a few times to do that, to combat the bustle and stress.
    I also would choose the Perpetual Temple fund - we were just discussing it last night with our two youngest children. Thanks for your generosity - it inspires me to find more opportunities to give this Christmas.

  20. I think my favorite thing about the holidays is how people become a little kinder. I also love the nostalgia, telling my children about my Christmases past.
    If I had an extra $100, I would want to donate it to the Angel Tree project.

  21. This is my FAVORITE time of year. I love everything about it. The weather, the smells, the food, the family time, the shopping, the decorating, the excitement,the music, the love,the colors, and SO much more. I guess everything could be categorized under the "Christmas Spirit". I love the Spirit that this time of year brings. It makes life happy. I feel complete in a way.
    If I had an extra $100...I would donate it to ASPCA. I am a big animal lover and would love to help them out.

  22. My favorite thing about the holidays is the Christmas tree. I love how we always go out in the woods as a family and pick out and cut down the perfect tree, which always makes the house smell so good. And how we always decorate it together and reminisce about the little ornaments we've collected and made over the years. And the lights are so pretty too. The charity I would choose would be Make A Wish Foundation.

  23. My favorite thing about Christmas is the happiness you see in peoples eyes when you wish them a Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. I always make a point this time of year to express that to people working that have been told not to. They seem to breath a sigh of relief when they know they can return the comment. The charity I would choose is Susan B. Koleman Breast Cancer. They help those less fortunate pay for much needed mamograms. A mamagram saved my life and I want every woman to have one.Annually!!!! My little one and I are taking an angel tree card.If I win I will use the gift card to make a needy child very happy. Merry Christmas!
    Wendy Tefteller

  24. I love our family holiday traditions: they keep me sane during this busy time. I figure that as long as those things are prioritized, I stress less about meeting [self- imposed] impossible expectations. Should I be fortunate, I would love to donate to LDS Humanitarian fund.
    -R. Patton

  25. Family. Food. Fun. (Makes me miss Texas since all 3 of these things are found there.) :)
    My mom is a cancer survivor, so if I win, donate to the American Cancer Society.

  26. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the house with my kids. We love putting up the tree, hanging stockings, and putting up lights. I also love taking my kids to see light displays, making Christmas cookies, spending extra time with family and friends, shopping for gifts, the excitement of Christmas Eve - all of it! My donation of choice would be The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, where my nephew was given a heart transplant and a chance at a normal life before his passing. Thank you for remembering him with the post. It means so much to all of us to know his legacy continues.