Real Simple

My recent trips to Utah have given me the opportunity to kick back and peruse through one of my favorite magazines. 

This magazine.

I'm not sure why I like this magazine as much as I do, maybe it's the simple layout, or the practical approach to the articles they have, or maybe it's the down home feel of it. Whatever it is, I like it.

As I was looking through it, I came across a few things I wanted to share.

First is this

Object of desire is right. I love this coat. All the ruffles make it so feminine but the color makes it über bold. I can see Daughter in this...maybe even me!

Next up is this, I laughed when I saw it. It made me think of the San Francisco Giants pitcher, Brian Wilson.

Son-in-law got a good laugh when he saw it too. If Rocket Man were a few months older I would so buy it for him.

Lastly, I give you this

I was dumbfounded. $3.49 for  a sprig  of Mistletoe? Really? Harvested from the white oaks of Oregon? Well, how about some Texas mistletoe harvested from red oaks, live oaks, and pin oaks, and you know what they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas. 

I didn't know I was sitting on a gold mine. All I need is a bucket truck and some snippers and I'm in business.  

Any takers? 

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  1. hmm... i am in need of a new coat this year. i might have to take a peak at that magazine. -Amy