Miss Ashley

A few weeks ago I told you about Ashley Thalman photographer extraordinaire. 

Did I tell you that she photographs famous people? She does. 

I'd tell you who one of them is but I don't know if I can. Hmmm, I'll tell you this much, he was in a very famous movie about two guys that held up trains but tried to turn their lives around only to end up being killed in a shoot out in Bolivia. Oh, and he owns a ski resort...and started a way famous film festival held in Utah each February. 

Despite the fact that I hate having my picture taken, Ashley did a fabulous job of making Hank and me feel relaxed to the point that all we could do was laugh. Seriously, it was hard not to laugh.

So here's a few of the pictures she took on that beautiful fall day at Sundance, Utah. 

This next photo gives you an idea of how beautiful the Sundance area is. I love this mountain, wish Hank and I had a little place somewhere up there.

Daughter and Rocket Man were with us and we were able to include Daughter in a few of the shots, Rocket Man, unfortunately, was sleeping.

I told you we laughed a lot. 

Thank you Ashley Thalman, you made a hard thing easy. 


  1. Beautiful family pictures! Such gorgeous smiles! You are more than welcome to post pics of my girls if you'd like. :)