Light Show

Earlier this week we had some storms move through our neck of the woods. As usual, Dog was her nervous mess which meant I was up at midnight keeping her company. Rah.

During my vigil I watched a little television, checked e-mail, did a little Pinterest, and tried to catch a few winks. While all this was transpiring, thunder and lightening were having a very loud party. 

You know how they say that to gage the distance of the lightening to count the seconds between the flash of lightening and the sound of thunder. It was kinda hard to do that. 

There were times when I couldn't get past the 'o' in 'one' before the clap of thunder made its boisterous boom. As a matter of fact there was one moment where the flash and clap happened simultaneously. My ears rang for a while.

The action was so intense, I felt certain that we probably had a tree or two that had be struck. My feeling was on the money.

As Dog and I were walking up the road later in the day, I noticed a bunch of tree bark around one of the trees. Initially I thought maybe a squirrel had been having a field day with the tree. No, that was not the case. I looked up the tree and saw that the midnight premonition had been right.


The old adage of lightening not striking twice in the same spot is WRONG-O. It seems as if this place is a magnet for lightening. In the past five months two trees have be hit. Several years ago we had another tree struck that actually caught was a beautiful seventy five year old oak. And, five years  ago a little ol' lightening bolt decided it needed to land someplace and chose our detached garage...and caught it on fire. Never quite know what to expect when we have Mother Nature give us one of her light shows.

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  1. that is crazy!! nature is beautiful and terrifying all at once. what a mighty god!