Lessons From a Two Year Old

Hank and I spent the weekend in Big D. Unlike last weekend, our accommodations were quite was a Marriott. Hank had an early morning meeting Sunday morning, seven to be exact, so I suggested we make a weekend of it.

The only draw back, and it was minuscule, was that I had to get up early too and drive him to his meeting. Doing so allowed me to experience something that I thought impossible...Interstate 635 was virtually empty. Hank and I zipped right along without the usual parking-lot-moving-at-seventy-miles-an-hour feel. So lovely.

It was not so three hours later when I left the hotel to attend church in the same building as his meeting. In three hours time 635 had become it's usual parking-lot-moving-at-seventy-miles-an-hour. It's somewhat unnerving to be going seventy, ten miles faster than the posted speed limit of sixty, and still have others passing you like you're standing still. 

Attending church in a ward other than mine is a nice change of pace. I always worry though that I'm taking someone's know how territorial some can be when it comes to 'their pew'. So that I wouldn't run that risk I sat at the very back, on the last pew, in the corner of the pew. As I was waiting for the service to begin the most precious little girl, holding a gallon sized Ziplock bag full of Cheerios, Goldfish and other assorted goodies, walked up to the man that was sitting on the opposite end of where I was sitting. He said hello to her and asked her if she was going to share. She shook her head yes and immediately took out a few of her treats and gave them to the man. I smiled to myself at the sweetness of this child. Then the unexpected happened. She walked over to me and handed me my treat. A Goldfish. 

I told her thank you and asked 'how are you' but she understood me to say 'how old are you'. I learned that she was two, a very precocious two. Her kind gesture made my day.

I learned something from this little girl. Next time we have visitors at church, I'm going to be more like her and offer not Goldfish but a welcoming smile.

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  1. You can sit in our pew at G2 until we move back. It's okay with me V.