How Far Can You Really Go On a Tank of Gas?

Does your car have the ability to tell you how far you can cruise on a tank of gas? 

Do you believe what it shows you? 

I'm skeptical. 

Will it really run out of gas and die in twenty miles or can you actually go an extra ten miles? 

I'm tempted to find out...but scared I'll run out while I'm in the middle of nowhere. 

Like the time Hank and I were moving from Utah to Texas and ran out of gas in the middle of New Mexico. Out in the desert. Where it was pitch black. With a two week old baby in tow. Before cell phones were the norm. And the other car in our two car caravan had gone ahead of a lot. Scary but true. 

Still, I'd sure like to know how far I can really go on a tank of gas. 

Is it really four hundred eighteen miles? Hmmm.

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