Adventures in Travel

Rocket Man is making me a seasoned traveler. In the past three months I've made three trips to Utah and I have one more planned before the end of the year.

Most of my trips have been uneventful, this last one...not so much.

As is my habit, my traveling compadres and I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Enough time that we were able to grab a bite to eat. All was going well until we got back to the gate.

Hank got to the gate before I did, I took a short side trip, we were early after all. As I'm approaching the gate he motions for me to hurry, I was the one with all the boarding passes. As I'm hurrying I'm wondering why am I hurrying, we've got plenty of time before lift off. Turns out our flight was canceled.


We wait while the gate agent does his dance with the keyboard. As he's doing so my mind turns to where are they going to put us? I'm kinda nervous because the likelihood of being lodged at the Ritz is slim to none and none alway seems to win.

My nervousness was well founded.

Gate Agent told us to go to door number five to wait for the shuttle to take us to the hotel. We did. We waited. Waited some more. And yet even more. It was looking kinda glum.

Sister-in-law K went to check on what was up while we kept guard of the luggage, you never know what unguarded luggage might do. As it turns out, Gate Agent failed to tell us that we needed to call the hotel for the shuttle. Great.

The hotel was, well, it wasn't a Marriott. I only stay at Marriotts. Really, I do. I'm a hotel snob, I admit it. My compadres and I were very concerned that this place might not have any non-smoking rooms. Ah, but they did, sort of. 

To get from the front desk to the rooms we literally had to go though a maze. A maze with closed doors and broken handles. I felt like a guinea pig.

The room was clean enough but it was a non-smoking room that had once been a smoking room. Ever stayed on a non-smoking former smoking room. Yes? Then you know the air was stale with the faint odor of spent cigarettes. Great. 

Next on the agenda was to find the guest laundry in the labyrinth we'd just gotten out of, Hank, SILK and I were in need of clean undies. When Hank and I ventured out (in the back of my mind I felt the need to leave a crumb trail) I noticed that the once closed doors were now open, the maintenance/shuttle driver guy had propped open the doors, all the doors, using some unique door stops.

Yes, folks, that's a towel.

After a bit we found the laundry room, unfortunately, all the washers were in use. 

All two of them. 

Two washers, two dryers. Lovely.

Back to the stale smelling room. 



Time to go through the maze again. The washers had finished washing but the clothes were still in the washer. I suggested to Hank that we put them in the dryer and start it for whomever was also in need of doing wash. He agreed.

We start our load and trudge back through the maze, although it was much easier the seventh time around. 

When we went back to put the clothes in the dryer, we found two dollars on our washer. Our mystery fellow wash man had repaid us, I was impressed.

Hank and I were fearful of allowing our piggies touch the carpet in the room. Neither of us had packed house shoes so we improvised. I kept my socks on and he kept his tennis shoes on at all times. Well, not when he slept. 

Adventures in traveling, gotta love 'em.


  1. I just KNEW you were going to be in the Marriott! Those kinds of trips add spice to your life don't you think???


  2. There's no place like home!! Hotels, all of 'em, are not my thing.

  3. Owen, it was rather spicy that night. :)

    JessicaP, home is always best...but if I must be away a Marriott is the way to go. Never had a bad night at one of them. P.S. I love reading your blog!