Where Is Leroy Jethro Gibbs When You Need Him?

This afternoon I was at the church decorating for a youth dance, along with Dentist's Wife, College Choir Director, and Girl Desperately Seeking Chocolate. While we were busy trying to figure out how to make a jack-o-lantern out of twinkly lights, Dentist's Wife got the following text from her husband.
      The boys (he was with the Boy Scout's camping out at my Father-in-law's lake) found a
       truck at the bottom of the lake.

I stood there with my mouth open. Deep in shock, disbelief, and denial. All of which quickly turned into excitement, interest and wishing I was there instead of decorating for a church dance.

Evidently, the boys were canoeing on the lake when DW's son and another scout spied something that looked like a turned over canoe in the lake. They paddled over to investigate. Ah, it wasn't a canoe but a Chevy truck!

I called Husband to tell him about it, he was already on the case. Once again I was wishing I was there instead of decorating for the dance. I wasn't alone in my desire. Girl Desperately Seeking Chocolate wished she was there too. So did CCD and DW. 

We hurried getting the pumpkin out of twinkly lights up on the wall, put out the chairs, cleaned-up, and GDSC and I headed out to the lake.

I expected to see investigators on the job when we pulled up. Not so. We were greeted by the junior NCIS team. They quickly proceeded to tell GDSC and me that Husband and one of the Scout leaders had gone out in a canoe to take pictures, per my instructions to Husband, when somehow they managed to tip their canoe. 

There was collateral damage.

Were it not for the drought of the century, that truck would still be in it's watery grave. 

You're wondering, as are we, how did that truck end up in a private lake? A lake that is accessible only by going through private gates. Husband and I have been ruminating on this, we are perplexed to say the least.

The sheriff's department finally showed up, after it was dark; Gibbs, DeNozo, Ziva, and McGee would have been there in no time. We weren't there when they arrived, instead, they talked with Father-in-law, it is his lake after all. He called and talked with Husband, from what I put together, Husband is going to offer the investigator the use of our backhoe to exhume the truck in the morning.

Rest assured, I will be there, telephoto in hand, to document every little detail. 

And, of course I'll share.

Stay tuned.

Husband was able to get one picture before ending up in the lake.

I give you exhibit A.

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  1. Well, I hope Duckie isn't called out too! That would be awful!!! Can't wait to see your photos tomorrow!