Two Things

There were two things that I took part in this weekend.

Thing One: the three wards in our area performed a day of service in our community. It was fun. 

I know, weird to say that work is fun but it was. The fun came in the camaraderie that develops as you work along side each other, the work doesn't seem like work that way. 

So what did we do?

Ward 1 went to the civic center and the local baseball-soccer-playground area to mow, pick up trash, weed-eat, rake, and re-stripe the parking lot. 

Ward 3 was assigned to the local lake and it's beach area to pick up trash and move debris.

One of Ward 3's volunteers found a unique little something in her foraging for trash and other objects. 

I asked Hank if he knew what animal might have left this behind but he was stumped, as was the lovely lady that found it. She was rather pleased with her discovery, she said she was going to add it to her Halloween decor. 

Ward 2, my ward, cleaned up the float barn, this is where the Yamboree floats are stored till the following year, and we were asked to paint. 

There were two areas that needed painting. One was inside the Chamber of Commerce, we left that to the professional painter in our ward and a few well chosen people. The other area that was in need of some paint TLC was the striping that is around the steps in the downtown area. 

Let me just say that there is a lot of red striping in our little town square. Many hands, however, made light work.

Even Pew Buddy got in on this piece of action.

Thing Two: Trunk or Treat

Several years ago, in an effort to make trick-or-treating a bit safer for the kiddos, our ward began a Trunk or Treat. What started out as a ward activity has grown into a community event. Needless to say, it's been successful.

Everyone gets in on the action, adults and kids alike. There are games, candy, food, and just plain fun.

I took Ariel's picture and it was okay. So I asked her to let me take it again but to give me some attitude this time. Oh, boy, did she ever.

I found a way to get all tatted up without it being permanent. Tattooed sleeves. Awesome. 

Oh, you've got to see the rest of this guys get up. And check out his buddy Bubba.

If you knew how straight laced these two guys really are you'd be as shocked, amazed, dumbfounded as I was when I realized who they were. Sad thing is there are a lot of people in these parts that really look like the guy on the right. 

Scary, I know.