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Every now and again I find a product that first intrigues me and then bowls me over.

Mr. Clean Magic erasers is one such product. If you've never tried one, you really should. It'll take grime off places you've never been able to de-grime before. (Mr. Clean didn't pay me to say this either, it's that good.)

A while back I found another product that falls into the is-this-really-possible-I'm-going-to-have-to-tried-for-myself category. Before I tell you about it, I'll share something about myself with you. 

Once I got over the only-floosies-wear-painted-toenails hurdle, pedicures are my therapy sessions. I love getting pampered my Miss Wendy/Linda. She is divine. I also like manicures but I'm rough on the polish. My fingernails will be lovely for about thirty minutes and then I manage to chip, scrape, break a nail, or ruin Miss Wendy/Linda's hard work. For that reason, I don't get manicures. I don't even give myself one, other than trimming and filing my fingernails. I do like the way a well manicured nail looks, I just can't keep mine looking decent for any length of time.

Enter this product.

I found it a while back but didn't pull it out until this weekend. 

Can I tell you, this is amazing!

And easy to use. Two steps, if you don't count the trimming and filing before hand. Step one, use the buffing side. Step two, use the crazy shine side. 

What do you get?

Nails that look like they were just polished with clear polish.

I buffed/shined my nails Sunday afternoon, then washed dishes, washed my hands countless times, and took a shower yesterday morning. They still had the just-polished look by yesterday afternoon.

I'm pretty well sold. I'll give it my seal of approval if they still look fairly shiny by Friday. If they do, I've found a way to have a well manicured set of nails without fingernail polish. I'll let you know.

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