Princess Dresses

Last year I gave you a couple of posts about the local county fair known as the Yamboree. If you need a refresher go here and here.

Yamboree was last week. Hank and I missed it because we were in Utah with Rocket Man and Larry. So very heart broken about it...okay, so I lie. I did miss the corn dogs and lemonade, not much else though I had more important things calling this year.

As I wrote before, Daughter had the opportunity to participate in the Queen's coronation pageant several times, ergo we have some pretty little dresses lying around the house. Daughter, for some reason, thought of these dresses while I was visiting and made the suggestion that perhaps Pew Buddy would like to have them so she could play dress up. 

Marvelous idea on her part. Pew Buddy's favorite Disney characters are the princesses.

Here's Daughter in the dresses from oh, so many years ago.

And, here's Pew Buddy modeling what all the best dressed princesses are wearing this fall.

I never realized until Pew Buddy put these on what a tiny little thing Daughter was. The gold dress was from when Daughter was three, Pew Buddy's current age and the purple dress from when she was five. Both of the dresses didn't zip up on PB, we safety pinned them and she thought it was divine. 

PB said the gold dress was like Belle's (Beauty and the Beast) and the purple one was like Sleeping Beauty, or as she says it Sleeping Booty, used to be Dippin' Booty. She loved both.

After some dancing around in the purple dress, PB sat in one of her little chairs. 

I asked her is she was sitting on her throne; her response: 'no, I'm sitting on my bum'. Her mother and I had a good laugh. PB comes up with some of the funniest things, gosh I love that girl.

Thanks Daughter for suggesting this. After Pew Buddy finishes playing with them we'll put them back in storage and keep them for another little princess.


  1. i remember those times. sometimes y'all would take me to see her in the pageant. she always had the best dress-up clothes. :) G looks beautiful! Did you save all the dance costumes too?

  2. Actually Bonnie, I do have some of those dance costumes! I'd completely forgotten about them. Oh, what memories :)