Look At What I Found

Last year I told you about my first encounter with Nutella.

I was in the check-out line at The Evil Empire when I caught a glimpse of portable Nutella. 

I had this conversation with myself:

'no, you mustn't.' 

'oh, but I must!'

'no, V, self-control at all cost.'

'oh, but I must.'

'what would Trainer Man say.'

'ha!, I've been off the exercise wagon so long, I can't even see the ruts! so that line won't work!'

'you'll hate yourself in the end.'

You know who won, don't you?

I reasoned that this was better than buying a whole jar, portion control and all that. 

Such a handy little product. 



  1. is evil empire code for walmart. because I'm pretty sure i need that for my drive down there today.

  2. Oh, Miss Nicole, you are spot on with your detective skills. Portable Nutella would make a fabulous travel snack.

  3. I perhaps saw this on my friday night (all by myself...yes, better than a Saturday trip with a two year old) walmart shopping trip. And i definitely exercised NO self control and bought one for a "snack at work." Was delish...even as i used my fingers to lick it clean :) I think I need some more right now!