On a recent trip to one of my favorite stores I saw something that made me chuckle. 

I realize that in retail, it's all about timing. I used to work in said field, snooze and lose out on valuable sales.

But....sometimes I think retailers rush things a bit.

Walking down the aisle at Tarshay, I saw this to my left 

while this was to my right...immediately across from each other.

The juxtaposition of the sign is an indication that things are being rushed just a wee bit.

Did I blink and miss Thanksgiving?


  1. It really, really, REALLY bugs me that retailers nowadays rush to push the Christmas merchandise out on the floor before Halloween even hits. I noticed Christmas decorations out on the floor last week at a few stores.

    It's too soon!!! :-(

  2. I agree Jenn!! Poor Thanksgiving gets shoved off to the side!