I Need To Be A Better Hostess

A couple of weeks ago I told you that this flower was a sure sign that autumn had arrived.

Sunday, as I was sitting outside enjoying the fall-ish temperatures, I spied another indicator that autumn had come to stay. 

The monarchs have begun their migration back to Mexico. Quite frankly, I didn't realize that My Little Corner of Texas was on their flight plan. Perhaps this is because by now I've usually yanked up every last vestige of flowering plants. 

This year, I've been a bit on the lazy side...and I'm glad I have. Otherwise, this puny looking excuse of a plant wouldn't have been here to provide much needed nourishment to a hungry traveler. 

How the butterfly managed to find any type of nectar in these fading blooms is beyond me, yet she did. Yes, all butterflies are 'she'.  Miss Monarch flitted around this spent coleus the better part of five hours.  No, I didn't stay out there for five hours observing her every move, she was still fluttering around the plant when I took Dog out for her afternoon constitutional.

Excuse me while I wax nostalgic for a moment, much like I did with the mushrooms

I grew up on the Central Coast of California, where you'll find Pacific Grove; Pacific Grove is one of the places where the monarchs west of the Rockies overwinter. Every fall there was the influx of the monarch passing through my town on their way to PG. Seeing this stained glass beauty today took me back to my younger years for just a brief moment. 

After taking these pictures, I did what I always do when I'm  curious...I Googled. 

Reading about their one to three thousand mile trek made me feel sorry for the monarch. That's a long trip for something so delicate. I believe I need to be a better hostess and provide them with something more than spent coleus blooms next year. 

Time to invest in a butterfly feeder. 

Yes, Husband, I'm turning into my mother.


  1. When you name the squirrels I will start to worry...till then I'm good!

  2. I love those flowers!! They were everywhere, and I loved how no one mowed their lawns while they were in bloom... or otherwise mowed little paths around them.

    ...and we're seeing the butterflies here too! Fall down here is so great!