I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers

Since Rocket Man's birth, many kind, generous, and caring people have expressed their love and well wishes to Husband and me. People at church make a point of asking about Rocket Man and Larry's welfare, expressing love for them in their tone. Others have made lovely gifts for Rocket Man. Still others have given of their time, perhaps the most precious. Some of these kind individuals are my friends but strangers to Daughter, others are her friends but strangers to me, still others are friends to both of us. All this doesn't matter, because everyone has given of themselves because they care.

All this caring humbles me. 

Last week Daughter got a package in the mail. 

She got this

A burp cloth and a bib. With rockets.  For Rocket Man.

A lovely lady from our past sent them to her. A lovely lady who somehow found out grandson's blog moniker and cared enough to make these for him.

This lovely lady was one of my students oh so many years ago. Fourteen to be exact. She became a family friend. Her family then became family friends. We loved them. They loved us. They moved back to California and with the move, they moved out of our lives.

Initially we kept in touch but, as often happens, we lost touch. That didn't stop me from wondering about them though. I missed my friends.

When Daughter told me that the gift was from CiCi, I cried. I cried because I thought of her and her beautiful smile. I cried at the memories of dinners with her family. I cried out of humility. I'm humbled knowing that despite my lack of effort, CiCi found daughter and was kind enough to personalize a gift for Rocket Man.

I checked out CiCi's web page and caught a glimpse of where life has taken her. That's one of the pluses of technology and social media, you can catch up without having to be in each other's presence. 

Thank you CiCi, leave a comment, if you're so inclined, I'd love to 'chat'.

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  1. I have loved watching The Daughter's journey into motherhood. I can only imagine the new bond it has formed between you two. I have thought about all of you on a regular basis. It has been nice to catch up by reading your blog. Glad you have been able to do the same. I know it's tough with the time difference and work, etc. but would love to hear your voice :-) I have been meaning to plan a much needed visit to your neck of the woods to see my Nana - still in Longview and my Dad - still in Marshall. Please give my love to everyone and feel free to email me at so hopefully we can set up a time to chat.