Shortly after Rocket Man was born, Husband made a request of me. A request that required sacrifice on my part. He asked that I agree to have a portrait taken of him and me. His reasoning was that he wanted Rocket Man to have a picture of us so he wouldn't grow-up not knowing who we were.

I hate having my picture taken, always have.

Weird, I know, especially for one that takes pictures of everyone and everything. What can, I say it's how I roll. 

Long story short, I made the sacrifice. Anything for Rocket Man, it's my grandmotherly duty, right?

We decided that we'd have the photo shoot while we were visiting Rocket Man this weekend. I wanted to have Justin Hackworth do the deed since he'd already taken my and Daughter's photo before but he was unavailable. Shoot. I asked for a recommendation from him and he recommended Ashley Thalman, a wonderful recommendation it was. 

Miss Ashley was young, energetic, and full of great ideas. Her personality put all my angst at ease, so much so that I will say that it was a fun experience. She even managed to give Husband a new blog moniker. Hank. She was asking Husband to move to a certain spot and instead of his name out came Hank. I laughed, as did he. From that point on, Husband was Hank.

I thought she'd called him Hank because of the Hank the Cowdog books since the setting for the books is Texas and, well you know, we're from Texas. I mentioned this to her but she swore she'd never heard of the books. I will have to remedy that.

I'd include a photo or two of our day of fun except we just had them taken. I will however give you a picture or two of the most adorable-can't-get-enough-of-his-smiles-bundle-of-sweetness I've ever held.

Oh, and one of Hank and Rocket Man.


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures of you and Hank. I love the one's of Rocket Man, especially the last one. I think he looks like his mama in the middle photo. Glad you're having a fun trip. Sorry you have to leave in a couple days. -Amy

  2. Wow, what a cute baby. I would have missed the Yamboree for that too!!! BTW it was too warm on Saturday for Yammin. 87 and 88.