Halloween Scrooge

They say Halloween is a holiday. 

I say it's a scam. 

A scam promoted by costume manufacturers and candy companies.

I've never understood it. What, exactly, is being celebrated?

Scaring the bajeebers out of people?

Causing mayhem?

Begging for treats but being disappointed when you get a trick?

I also don't get why orange and black are the official Halloween colors. Purple and red anyone? These work much better with my skin tone.

Oh, and what's with wearing costumes? Where is the basis for this tradition??

And if Halloween is truly a holiday, why doesn't anyone get the day off, hmmmm?

I know, I'm a Halloween that even the right term? I think Scrooge would have liked Halloween, he was a scary kind of guy scamming people out of their hard earned money and would fit right in with the rest of the scary mayhem that happens around this time of the year.

Humbug, I say. Or whatever one that doesn't like Halloween would say.


  1. We put a sign on our door asking kids not to knock and left a bag of candy on the chair. We're kinda scroogish this year too. :)

  2. HA! very creative way of 'handing' out candy! Did you have any takers?