Friday Night

I've read that one way to keep Alzheimer's at bay is to socialize. Friday, Husband and I took a step at keeping that hideous disease at bay. We went to Crafty Friend's house and hung out the only way empty nesters can. We ate and watched football.

CF's hubs works for Pilgrim's Chicken, so we at steak. Steak from one of our cows. We trade off like that, they cooked the meat, and provided the side dishes, and the place, and the water, and the cool TV, and the lovely setting. 

We just brought the meat. 

What can I say, we're shleps. It's how we roll.

Actually, the burn ban we've been under for the past kajillion years also includes outdoor non-gas grills. We'd been in the mood for steak on the grill. CF has a gas grill, problem solved.

We trekked the twenty five miles to their home and had the best time.

CF has the most beautiful backyard...and she doesn't even have to mow it!

CF has some of the coolest decor at her home, I love going there and seeing what neat things she has created. She found this rooster at a local 'flea market', I use the term loosely, and is in the process of spiffing him up...I think he looks good as is.

I love my young friends, their vibrant youthfulness makes me feel younger than my mid-century-modern age. But, there was something wonderful and comfortable about being with another set of empty nesters.


  1. fun stuff!! time with friends is a gift indeed!

    fiestaware is my fave;)

  2. i love fiesta ware too! i'm kinda partial to the square ones. have y'all seen them? they are to die for!