Duckie Wasn't Needed...For Now

Ten o'clock. That was the designated time for the sheriff's department to come to FIL's lake. It was closer to ten thirty, but what's thirty minutes when exhuming a truck from it's watery grave.

I wasn't the only one who was feeling a little like a cat who's curiosity is about to get the best of it. A small crowd had amassed in anticipation of the Chevy's resurrection. Word travels fast in these parts, especially when it's on family-hey-I-go-to-church-with-you-and-oh-don't-we-work-together land.

The truck's location required the use of several feet of wrenching cable and a heavy chain. This and boating out to place the hook on it. 

For this, the help of the camping scouts was required. They were the designated boat haulers, and mighty fine ones they were.

Once all was in place, time to paddle out to the submerged carcass and a little diving in the murky lake water. Yuck, I hate lake water, so glad it was him and not me.

Time to start the wench. It was a slow, heavy process; one that resulted in the cable breaking twice.

As the truck emerged, several items began to float out of it. Items that could be evidence in the investigation of how and why the truck ended up in the lake. 

Scouts to the rescue once again. They manned additional watercraft and pursued the errant evidence. 

Ever so slowly, the wrecker pulled on the truck. Soon enough, the license plate came into view, just what we'd all been waiting for, we could now find out who the owner was.

As it turns out this truck was stolen from a neighboring town. A bit later it was brought to light that this very truck was part of an on going investigation in town. Yikes, we've been harboring a fugitive in our lake.

In the back of the truck were several pieces of carpenter's equipment, as well as in the cab of the truck. Some poor construction worker had to replace several pieces of expensive equipment.

The most interesting find; a bullet hole in the passenger's door. Hmmm, not something I was expecting to see, kinda unsettling if you ask me.

There were plenty of fish to be found in the truck, it had served as quite a nice spawning ground for perch, catfish, and bream. The little kids had a blast throwing them back in the lake. 

Two hours later, the truck was on its way to the police impound for further investigation. There are so many questions going through my mind. 

Who had the guts and audacity to drive a truck into a private lake? Who ever it was, knows us or knows someone that is acquainted with us because the lake is not in full view of anything.

When did this happen? Husband and I think about two year ago because of another incident involving the lake. 

Why is there a bullet hole?

Why were there no tire tracks that led into the lake? 

So many questions, so few answers. But, oh, what an adventure.

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