1,303 Miles

Several years ago, a family friend took his family north. 

One thousand three hundred three miles north.

There were various reasons for the decision to move, one of which was to begin a new business venture. A venture that involved food. 

Good food. 

Food that children are weaned on here in Texas. 

It was A.L.'s (real name, not a blog moniker) dream to open a restaurant outside of Texas that served good barbecue. The kind only Texas knows how to fix. For several years A.L. catered several events preparing his wonderful, tasty, cuisine. This was good, but not the fulfillment of his dream.

Five days ago, A.L. realized his dream...and we surprised him on day three of the grand opening.

Here's Big Al with Hank, don't you just love Husband's new name?!

Friendly servers, hard working too.

Deeelish food.

They serve two types of sauce, I preferred the House sauce. The one in the skillet was a little to tangy for my taste. Try both for yourself and let me know which you prefer. 

A.L. put some very personal touches on the decor, which I loved. A.L.s family and our family have a mutual friend that we all adore, Shuck (real name, not a blog moniker). Shuck's family moved to our neck of the woods several years ago and then they too moved north but not as far north as A.L. To help give the restaurant true Texas roots, Shuck gave A.L. some of his personal cowboy paraphernalia, Shuck is a real cowboy.

Congrats A.L. on realizing your dream.

If you're in the Provo/Orem/SLC area, go by and chow down on some REAL Texas BBQ, made by a real Texan. He's located on South University, near the Provo Town Center Mall.


  1. I'm so telling my brother-in-law that he has to try this place, and anyone else in our family who lives in the area! -Amy

  2. Yes, Amy, you must have the entire clan go! They will love it! If A. L. is there, he'd love to know that they are relatives of someone from his neck of the woods.