Winner, Winner, Winner!!!

I need Warren Buffet's checking account. 

Each of your comments melted my heart. Wish I could give each of you two hundred dollars.

As selected by, the winner of the giveaway is #32 Kelsey

Kelsey said...

I would put the money in my Go to Singapore fund! My brother and his family are moving to Singapore in about two months. I am already a huge cry baby so I am starting a fund to save my pennies so I can go visit them at least once a year

Congratulations! Contact me at to claim your prize. 

Have fun storming the castle in Singapore!

For those of you that were not selected, don't lose hope, I'll do another giveaway soon.

Thank you for entering, most of all thanks for reading.


  1. I am shocked. I received an email from my brother that he aarrived in Singapore this morning and besides a sore bottom things were already going well. It is a 13 hour difference so actually talking will be hard but the internet is a beautiful thing that I am so glad we have at this time.

  2. Congrats Kelsey! You are one lucky girl!!