One Last Gasp...Hopefully

Ever have a guest come visit and then have it seem like they'll never leave? 

You try to tactfully tell them that they've overstayed their welcome. 

But they don't get the hint.

If anything, they dig in their heels and stay even longer. 

Summer came calling again this weekend. I thought she'd packed her bags and was nothing more than a memory. 

I'm not sure how long she's here, but whatever it is, it's too long. 

Autumn had an appointment to arrive on Friday the twenty third at 4:04 a.m. CDT, which she did. Oh, and she arrived in style with a cool morning, a delightful mid-day, and a comfortable evening. 

I don't know where Autumn went but I wish she'd get back over here. Summer and I have not had a good experience this year, I'm so over her.


  1. So am I. And I had to decide to get pregnant the worst summer on record. It just about killed me. I am hoping Autumn comes back and stays a long time. Nothing like sitting outside with the cool breeze blowing, listening and seeing nature! Ahhhhh!