Needin' to Feel Good

I'm missing Rocket Man something fierce today.

Who am I kidding, I've been missing him and Larry since I left a week and a half ago. Sigh.

I've learned the best way to beat the blues is to do something for someone else. I'd like to do something for you, my dear readers.

What to do, what to do? 

A giveaway, I say!

But what to give? 

Baby stuff to celebrate the birth of Rocket Man?

Pampering stuff to commemorate the labor Daughter endured?

Manly stuff to honor the man that treats Daughter like a queen and loves Rocket Man more than life itself?

Cool jewelry to let the world know Husband and I are now grandparents?

Cooking stuff because I hate to cook, well not really hate to cook...just never know what to cook.

All wonderful ideas. All would be fun to shop for...not what I'm wanting to do this time around.

What I'ma wanting to do this time is giveaway something that anyone can use. A one size fits all kind of giveaway. 

That being said, I'm going to my old, reliable-can't-go-wrong-with-this kind of gift. Some say it's impersonal, I say it's very personal because the person receiving it can make it as personal as they would like.

How's about some cold, hard, cash? 


Yes. Cash. 

No worries on if that store is in your neck of the woods because cash is in everyone's neck of the woods.

How much you ask? 


Well, let's pick a nice even, round number...I like even and round.

How does one hundred dollars sound? Yep, one hundred clams, a c-note, a Ben Franklin.

Good? Yes? 

Alrighty then. If you want to enter this giveaway leave a comment at the end of this post answering this question: What will you do with one hundred bucks should you be the winner? Baby formula? New clothes? Groceries? A facial? A pedi-mani event?

Giveaway will close Saturday, September 17 at 9:00 p.m. I'll randomly pick a winner Sunday, September 18 and post the winner that afternoon. Good luck!

I feel better already! 


  1. What an amazing thing you are doing. I know it is so hard not being near the daughter and especially that sweet grandbaby. I had my little one in Japan and am so thankful for the time my mom was able to spend with us there! :)

    For the $100.. I would GIVE it to someone else. I would give it to my mother who takes care of two of my brothers kids, about half of the week. My brother was killed in a car wreck and I know $100 would help my mom ... and I would give it to her to use for Christmas. She has taken on the role of my brother for these kiddos.. and I know it isn't easy. But what do grandparents do? LOVE!

  2. Awesome!! You do have one CUTE grand-baby!!! Oh man, what wouldn't I spend the money on would be an easier question!! I would use it on a much-needed pedicure, a much-needed date with the hubs, and whatever is left over would be spent on my kids, since that seems to naturally be where all my money goes! :)

  3. I don't need $100.00 right now but I bet one of the local volunteer fire departments could use it. I understand these guys have been digging into their personal bank accounts in order to protect others. To me, that is a pretty great example of "Love One Another".

  4. Since my daughter is expecting a baby girl at the end of October, I think a c note would be a great thing to be able to give her to spend on her new arrival! :) VA, this is a GREAT giveaway for this time of year! Hope you are doing well!

  5. You are amazing. If I had $100 of "mad money" I'd probably donate it to my sisters new car fund. She hit a deer and can't afford much, so my siblings and parents are pooling our resources to find her something new. They've just moved and have a mortgage and a rental house and their third daughter just started college. $100 would help the car fund.

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful grand-baby!! He is just precious and I am thrilled for your family. :) With a hundred bucks I would probably buy a light weight umbrella stroller, do a dinner date with the hubby, and buy some cute fall baby clothes for my new little man!!

  7. hmmmm, with a hundred dollars I would get some new family pictures taken. we haven't done them since jack was less than one and I think it's time.

  8. Thinking.... thinking.... $100.00? I would use it to stock up my pantry. I do a lot of cooking for hubby, me, DD and elderly parents and it is just so nice to have what I need to be creative in my pantry without running to the store. And if I use coupons with that $100, I could at least double the fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Congrats on a new grandbaby! I am expecting a new nephew in December and I am so excited! Babies are just so much fun! One hundred dollars? I would love to splurge and take the whole family out for a nice dinner AND whatever was left, would share with a member of the family that could use a little help. Thanks!

  10. im pretty sure i would use it for gas since i start driving on monday!! that and food, and my nhs and student council money and my class ring!
    love, the girl you have yet to name((: (Haley)
    ps- i dont know how to leave a comment without it being annoymous because i dont have an url...

  11. Ok, you are officially the most generous person. :-)

    I wish you didn't have to miss your sweet grandbaby so much. :-(

    With $100, I would go shopping...for secondhand clothes, maybe some Christmas presents, maybe some stuff for the house (because we're always needing something round here!)...or I might be super suave with the hubs and plan a fancy date for us! ;-) Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous giveaway!

  12. As you know we just moved into a new house and it really needs a new dishwasher, so I would use it towards a new one! I think I want to suggest that you can't do any more posts without a picture of baby w, he is toooo adorable!

  13. I would use the $100 to start to furnish our small apartment here in Austin. We just moved here from Utah and have very little furniture. Loving it here so far, I've been reading your blog to get a glimpse of Texas and now I'm here to see it for myself!

  14. I know you miss your lil'man....they attach to your heart instantly!! I've been blessed to be near all of mine.
    If I won, I would buy something wonderful for my daughter who is going to have her very own lil'bambino after years of thinking she would go on being The Best Aunt in The World and possibly not a Mom! (It's also very near her birthday!)
    Kathy C.

  15. Just so you know, I haven't had an opportunity to tell you in person, Rocket Man is beautiful. I am so happy for you all.
    Now if I had the cash, I would use it to help buy one of those food rotation shelves at shelf reliance to go in my new storage room we are building. I can't wait to organize my stockpile.

  16. Hi Veronica--love reading your posts! I bet Larry and rocket man are missing ya a lot!

    It is so awesome you are going to give away 100 and your dear husband will match it! If I was given it, I don't know what I would do.... so many things to choose dear husbands brain surgery, daughters violin, dishwasher, list can go on and on!!

    Thanks! Shawna Ford

  17. Well.. I am in DENTAL SCHOOL, and I don't get to just go spend money on random stuff because I have to budget, so basically, I would probably go to the movies like 10 times because that is the only thing that gets my mind off of studying and missing home, so yah. I NEED THE MONEY!!! LOL. Many movies to see and maybe a good dinner. I miss you, VA.

  18. I'd spend it. i might even be really mean and not tell anyone i won it. guilt free shopping.....ahhhhh.

  19. Well... I'm in the same boat as that daughter of yours with a new baby. So $100 would do wonders for her fall wardrobe! :)

  20. If I won $100 I would spend it to buy some new art supplies. I have this large painting in mind that I'd love to create, but it will take quite an investment to purchase the paints, canvas, etc. that I will need for the project. This would be the perfect help to get me going on an exciting new creative endeavor.


    writeme at heidimail dot com

  21. LOOK!!!! I made me one!!! and i think you should pick me.

  22. Well I think it would have to involve one of the great restaurants we have here in Portland. Maybe I will invite my friend Aurora and her husband Michael too since they told me to visit your blog. Did I tell you that I used to live in Austin many years ago and i love the title of your blog and the beautiful blue bonnets?

  23. I would have to pay it forward and donate the $$ to Project Graduation. We (students and parents) are working very hard to create a fun night for our Seniors. The donation would give Evan some Panther bucks that might help her in the auction get something for her future dorm room!
    Shelly B.

  24. Your new addition is beautiful!!

    If I won (can I still enter?) I don't think we would be able to get anything "fun". Pay some bills, put new tires on the car,.... maybe a new bra. (I have been needing one since our last one was born. TMI, I know:)) You and hubby are sweet for offering!

  25. Aw the baby is so cute. I would use the money towards a date night with the husband once I get back from this deployment. He is doing a great job taking care of the three kids and being active duty too.

  26. I think I would take my friends out to dinner! That would be really fun to do with an extra $100. Thanks for the opportunity.


    cotysloan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  27. Ahhh, I love Bonnie's comment! At first I didn't want to enter b/c everyone who commented was being very noble, and all I wanted to do with the money was spend it on myself!! I still want to spend it on myself but who knows!! I know I won't get any Missoni stuff--we were there Thursday and it's all gone!

  28. I was thinking that I was being shallow too Liz. I can think of a million places to give it, like Shriner's Hospital who are treating my sister-in-law's kids for free, or the church humanitarian aid, or fire victims, or hurricane victims, but what would I really do with it? Buy beans. Yes, beans.

    I don't know why it won't let me post comments on here anymore, so I will just have to be anonymous.

  29. Well what can I can never have enough scapbook supplies. I would love to stock up on paper and ribbon and stickers and bling and on and on....
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  30. If I won $100, I would spend it on a winter coat or a guitar pedal. We'll see ;)



    jon.kratz (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. What would I do with $100 dollars? Honestly I think I would put some of it in savings and the other I would spend on baby supplies, since Daniel and I are expecting our first little blessing at the first of March.

    Thank you for this giveaway.


  32. I would put the money in my Go to Singapore fund! My brother and his family are moving to Singapore in about two months. I am already a huge cry baby so I am starting a fund to save my pennies so I can go visit them at least once a year.

  33. I would have the $200 go to the Children's Hospital of Philidelphia. My nephew who was born with only a portion of a heart and who passed away this past November was treated there. They treated him and his family with love and generosity.

  34. Congrats on the new addition. I hadn't heard about him. I'm sure Jea & T are excited as well.
    $100... hmm... I think the pantry needs a few additions. And now is a good time to do that since most grocery stores here along the Wasatch Front are having 'Case-lot Sales.' This is the best time to go shopping. Hello to Husband.

  35. i figured that i should triple my chance ant the last second!!!

  36. I would spend it my Grandkids, they lost their Dad, my Son in Dec 2009 so we buy al their Christmas and also my Grandson in California. We also buy presents from our local Angel Tree to help teach the kids about giving to others

  37. I would be selfish... and spend it on me. Since I have had a son, most of my money goes to him. I would put the money toward my motorcycle AND get my wife a nice gift like a pedicure or massage.... good idea for me.. since her birthday is in a few days!


  38. I would use it to buy fabric for the outdoor couch that my husband made. He made the wooden part I was going to make cushions but all the foam and fabric cost too much so we have put it on hold :-)

  39. I would use it towards a plane ticket to go visit my granddaughter and my grandson-in-law and my great grandson in California!

    June Farrow

  40. I would use to for a plane ticket to California. My granddaughter really wants me to come visit her and my great grandson in California and this money would help me to be able to get there. Right now it is just too expensive for me.

  41. Like my wife I would use it to finish our outdoor furniture for our new house!
    Meguell Suell

  42. I would put it toward a plane ticket to California to see my niece whose been in Japan for three years and now is in California!

    Trish Ott

  43. I would surprise Steve on his birthday, and then say something to make him laugh. :)

  44. wow! this is quite the welcome to your blog!

    if i won, i would be able to get my kiddo new clothes and shoes for this season! and my husband's glasses just broke, so it could help with that too! woohoo!

    thank you! xo