My Trip Home--Instragram Style

Remember I told you that I was going to take the window seat coming home, to help me deal with the trauma of leaving Rocket Man and Daughter? I went one better.

I upgraded to First Class AND had the window seat. I also distracted myself by taking iPhone pictures, once it was safe to turn on all portable electronic devices.

Waiting for take off.

Mindless reading helps pass the time. Although, the article about the 9-11 children was rather moving.

First Class comes with a meal...not bad and it beats anything they have in Coach, which is nothing...unless you want to spend five dollars for a package of crackers.

Texas Panhandle from thirty five thousand feet.

The end to something I didn't want to end.

I'm ready for the next trip to see Larry and Rocket Man. 

October can't get here fast enough.

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