Father-in-law has a rather unique sense of humor. His jokes/riddles are the kind you groan at rather than laugh, as well as roll your eyes. I thought of him when this fella in my last period class came in telling some jokes.

I must share them with you, so you too can groan and roll.

What knight is the biggest knight at the round table?

Why was the teacher with two lazy eyes not able to get hired?
       He couldn't control his pupils.

My favorite:
What happened when the cannibal arrived late to the dinner?
      He got the cold shoulder.

Now, don't you feel better after a good groan?

I thought so.

Got any jokes you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them, well read them since we don't really talk when we blog. 

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  1. I'll share the one my elderly dad tells someone every chance he gets: What did one snake tell the other snake? "I sure hope I am not poisonous.... because I just bit my tongue!"