Is Greek Really Better?

Lately, the media has been touting the merits of Greek yogurt...not sure what those are, but for some reason or another Greek yogurt is suppose to be better for you.  Here's the litmus test, does it taste better than the others? Yeah, that's what really counts.

I decided to find out for myself, doubting Thomasina that I am.

I tried three different types, though not on the same day.

First I tried this one

While in Utah, Daughter had some in her fridge an swore it was the best Greek type yogurt around. Hers was the plain Jane version, I gotta have some flavor to mine. I'm not sure how you pronounce the name, Son-in-law has his own version, you can only imagine what it might be.

Then I tried this one

And today I had this one

Heres the low down. Fage is very thick, a bit on the dry side, and the fruit is sparse. Light and Fit was light in texture, flavorful and not very filling. Oikos was a good middle ground. Good fruit flavor, more robust than the Light and Fit but not as dry as the Fage.

So which did I like? Greek vs traditional, Greek. It was more filling and stayed with me longer. Fruit at the bottom,  side, or pre-mixed, pre-mixed. The pre-mixed was much more flavorful. 

Here's what I need: Greek yogurt with pre-mixed fruit. Now, to find such a product.


  1. This is my favorite variety. It meets all your requirements, and I think it's delicious.

  2. I tried the chobani as well and I liked it. They recommend you not stir the fruit off the bottom, but I did and I liked it better that way ;) Peach was good.