Holy Smokes

I'm back in My Little Corner of Texas. 

I came home to cooler temps, helllooo eighty eight degrees!! Yes, that's cool when the entire summer was one hot mess. 

I also came home to this

Those look like rain clouds in the distance, don't they?

Here's another look

Ominous, no?

If only this mass of clouds were rain. It's smoke from nearby wildfires. 

My Little Corner of Texas is on fire, literally. 

Everywhere you turn there are fires. North, South, East but not west so technically it's not everywhere you turn. It may as well be, though.

My home is, for now, safe. I have friends, however, who have had to evacuate their homes. As my students would say 'it's no bueno'. 

My Little Corner of Texas is made up of a bunch of small towns and communities, there are only two big towns to speak of. As a result, the fire fighters who are out fighting these wildfires are all volunteers. How I admire their selflessness. 

I need a favor of you, my dear readers, would you please pray for us. We need rain and we need for our fire fighters to be safe. I'll love you forever if you'll do this for me. 

Thanks, I'll love you even if you don't pray.

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  1. We will pray for all our Gilmer friends!! We hope you guys stay safe!!--Shawna Ford